When you get all warm and cozy in your bed and you close your eyes, what do you dream about? Being a Doctor? Playing in the Major Leagues? Building the tallest tower? Raising chickens? 

Little one, you can be and do all these things and more. I promise. 

Always dream big. Start by writing out your goals and how to make your dreams happen, then work towards scratching them off one by one. When you get all or most of them scratched off you will start to see your results -- your dreams coming true.

Kane came to me and said, "Mom, I want to raise chickens to lay eggs." So, we got out a large piece of paper and started writing down the goals.Then we started scratching them off. Everyday Kane takes good care of his babies by feeding and watering them. One day... there was an egg! This egg. 

At 7 years old, he became a KidEntrepreneur of Kane Brown Farm Fresh Eggs and the youngest Chicken Farmer I've ever met. Supplying customers with farm fresh eggs, one dozen at a time. 

This was all because he followed his dreams. He wrote down his goals, he does the work, and he got the results.