About Raising Kane


My name is Melissa Brown. Every year thousands of children suffer injuries and fatalities from drowning, being around heavy machinery, burns, even bullying, to name a few. I get emotional, my heart breaks for all the families affected, and these accidents haunt me; they are my nightmares, they never leave.

There is a picture of me when I was probably 5 or 6 in my nightgown in big rubber boots with my bum scooched to the edge of the lawnmower seat because I could barely reach the pedals. I was driving our ride-on lawnmower by myself. NO the blades weren’t on, but a quick flip of the switch and they could have been. My dad was sitting on the edge of the wagon we were pulling -- he was probably a foot behind me -- but there is no way he would have had time to grab me in the worst case scenario. One tragedy that occurs over and over again involves lawnmower blades and children. Last summer a little girl who was 3 years old was run over by a lawnmower and lost both her legs from the knees down. Her 5-year-old sister watched the whole thing!! I read this article and it was linked to a GoFundMe account, because there isn’t any or there is very little support for families. This blows my mind and makes me so sad!! 

Accidents don’t care who you are or where you come from. They happen in a split second, and that’s it: your life just changed.

Hearing all the news in the media I just couldn’t stand it any longer! This is terrible, and I decided in that moment that it can’t happen to another child, your children, my children... this is something I have to go and fix. I have to make a difference, the world needs to know!!! So Raising Kane was born to educate and expose our children to give them the knowledge of dangers and to keep them safe to prevent anymore accidents.

Raising Kane is a clothing line built to help protect our children using reflective detail so they can be seen in the important hours when visibility is restricted, to shield them from potential degree burns around open flames, and be strong enough to withstand hours of adventure and play.

This is what the "after" is going to look like. Raising Kane is going to do the right thing, and support children around the world to become educated in the daily dangers they face. When I close my eyes I see a world map, and little pins start to pop out of it with flags with a flame logo. Representing our littles who are wearing our products, who go the extra mile, and who rise together. Raising Kane is for anyone who loves a child.  

Xoxo, Melissa