1…2…3…4…5… a child dies of hunger. 1…2...3…4...5… another child dies of hunger.

Most nights as we are sitting around the supper table I ask, “What are you thankful for?” Some nights I get answers like, “For my stuffies,” or “For my toys,” and some “For my family, the roof over my head, the clothes I’m wearing, and the food on the table.”

One night I made chilli, and the kids turned their noses up at it. It’s the same recipe they have been eating since they were infants, nothing new, usually a family favourite. I was hurt that I made this and they weren’t appreciative. So I made the comment, “You know, children around the world die from hunger because they don’t have food to eat.” They looked at me, and I said, “Yes, let’s Google it!” According to Google, every 5 seconds a child in this world dies from hunger.

So I started to count: 1...2…3…4...5... a child dies. 1...2...3...4...5… another child dies.

As I was counting, my eyes started to water with the thought of this. It was breaking me! And they could tell.

So I said, “Eat your supper, you are blessed with this food on the table and every meal and snack you eat and drink every day.”

And they did just that; they started to eat their chilli. And when one began to complain, I started counting. The complaints were silenced, and by the end of supper their bowls were empty.

This is a big problem, and we need to do something about this! With every purchase of the You Are Who You Are collection, Raising Kane is going to donate money to an organization that helps feed families and children globally. The counting has to stop; a death every 5 seconds has to stop.